Reverse Charge - Change in sales tax offsetting

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From January 1, 2014 A new ordinance of the Ministry of Finance ("VAT fraud control ordinance" - UStBBKV, Federal Law Gazette No. 369 of November 26, 2013) comes into force, which now also makes a large part of the products of the steel trade free of VAT. Insofar as it is a company with an Austrian UID number, the sales tax liability is transferred to the recipient of the goods, but at the same time has the right to deduct input tax in the same amount. (Reverse charge).

All materials traded by us are covered by this regulation with the following exceptions: 

  • Pipe and pipe parts (all materials)
  • Pipe accessories, fittings, fittings (all materials)
  • Plastics
  • Ribbed polyethylene lamella plug for tube
  • Expanded metals, wire mesh

At all Deliveries to entrepreneurs The materials covered by the regulation are therefore from 1.1.2014 no sales tax to show more.

In practice, this means that our deliveries are now tax-free (depending on the product), provided you send us yours UID number announce. Please note when ordering that we must continue to issue you an invoice with "normal" sales tax if we do not have your UID number.

Further information on the new regulation:

WKO - Information sheet on the regulation
Federal Law Gazette

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