Aluminium square bar

Grades AlMgSi0.5 / AlCuMgPb

pressed bars, EN AW-6060 / 755-2, or EN AW-2011/2007 / 754-2

Metal class: ,

range 112 of 113
Material AlMgSi0.5:
Standard alloy for smaller aluminum profiles
AW-6060, 3.3206
Metal construction, interior fittings, metal frames, antennas, decorations, light equipment and vehicle construction
Very well anodizable
Material AlCuMgPb:Aluminium Stab quadrat
Alu drilling and turning quality
AW-2007, 3.1645
Parts on automatic lathes
getting produced.
Very easy to machine, not anodizable

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ItemCodeGradeStandardDesignationDIM1 (mm)DIM2 (mm)kg / m
ALU0.5QU5AlMgSi0.5AW-6060AlMgSi0.5 rod, QU 5 mm550,07
ALU0.5QU6AlMgSi0.5AW-6060AlMgSi0.5 rod, QU 6 mm660,10
ALU0.5QU8AlMgSi0.5AW-6060AlMgSi0.5 rod, QU 8 mm880,17
ALU0.5QU10AlMgSi0.5AW-6060AlMgSi0.5 rod, QU 10 mm10100,27
ALU0.5QU12AlMgSi0.5AW-6060AlMgSi0.5 rod, QU 12 mm12120,39
ALU / F37QU15AlCuMgPbAW-2007AlCuMgPb rod F37, QU 15 mm15150,64
ALU0.5QU15AlMgSi0.5AW-6060AlMgSi0.5 rod, QU 15 mm15150,61
ALU / F37QU20AlCuMgPbAW-2007AlCuMgPb rod F37, QU 20 mm20201,14
ALU0.5QU20AlMgSi0.5AW-6060AlMgSi0.5 rod, QU 20 mm20201,08
ALU / F37QU25AlCuMgPbAW-2007AlCuMgPb rod F37, QU 25 mm25251,78
ALU0.5QU25AlMgSi0.5AW-6060AlMgSi0.5 rod, QU 25 mm25251,69
ALU / F37QU30AlCuMgPbAW-2007AlCuMgPb F37 rod, QU 30 mm30302,57
ALU0.5QU30AlMgSi0.5AW-6060AlMgSi0.5 rod, QU 30 mm30302,43
ALU / F37QU35AlCuMgPbAW-2007AlCuMgPb rod F37, QU 35 mm35353,49
ALU0.5QU35AlMgSi0.5AW-6060AlMgSi0.5 rod, QU 35 mm35353,31
ALU / F37QU40AlCuMgPbAW-2007AlCuMgPb rod F37, QU 40 mm40404,56
ALU0.5QU40AlMgSi0.5AW-6060AlMgSi0.5 rod, QU 40 mm40404,32
ALU1QU4040AlMgSi1AW-6082AlMgSi1 rod, QU 40 mm40404,32
ALU0.5QU45AlMgSi0.5AW-6060AlMgSi0.5 rod, QU 45 mm45455,47
ALU / F37QU50AlCuMgPbAW-2007AlCuMgPb rod F37, QU 50 mm50507,13
ALU0.5QU50AlMgSi0.5AW-6060AlMgSi0.5 rod, QU 50 mm50506,75
ALU1QU50AlMgSi1AW-6082AlMgSi1 rod, QU 50 mm50506,75
ALU / F37QU60AlCuMgPbAW-2007Rod AlCuMgPb F37, QU 60 mm606010,26
ALU0.5QU60AlMgSi0.5AW-6060AlMgSi0.5 rod, QU 60 mm60609,72
ALU1QU60AlMgSi1AW-6082AlMgSi1 rod, QU 60 mm60609,72
ALU0.5QU70AlMgSi0.5AW-6060AlMgSi0.5 rod, QU 70 mm707013,23
ALU1QU70AlMgSi1AW-6082AlMgSi1 rod, QU 70 mm707013,23
ALU / F37QU80AlCuMgPbAW-2007AlCuMgPb rod F37, QU 80 mm808018,24
ALU0.5QU80AlMgSi0.5AW-6060AlMgSi0.5 rod, QU 80 mm808017,28
ALU1QU80AlMgSi1AW-6082AlMgSi1 rod, QU 80 mm808017,28
ALU1QU90AlMgSi1AW-6082AlMgSi1 rod, QU 90 mm909021,87
ALU0.5QU100AlMgSi0.5AW-6060AlMgSi0.5 rod, QU 100 mm10010027,00
ALU1QU100AlMgSi1AW-6082AlMgSi1 rod, QU 100 mm10010027,00